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Star Trek vs. Star Wars: The Poll to End All Polls

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71 dB:
Star Wars by light years.

J.Z. Herrenberg:
I love Star Wars IV-VI, with the 'Empire' taking pride of place. But as a franchise I choose Star Trek. Deep Space Nine is one of my favourite series ever (religion, politics, war, the interaction of people you get to know better and better, and the occasional successful stab at humour...)

Mirror Image:
Star Wars any day of the week. I like the plot, the dialogue of the characters, the back stories, and the action. Star Trek just bores the hell out of me. I find just too stagnant for my tastes, although it does have good character development, but this isn't a saving grace for me. There has to be more, much more.

mc ukrneal:
Hmmm. Let's See (each pair is connected or similar in some way):

Star Wars has Jar Jar Binks. Star Trek has Q.
Star Wars has Harrison Ford. Star Trek has Patrick Stewart.
Star Wars has Yoda. Star Trek has Spock.
Star Wars has ghosts/spirits. Star Trek has time travel.
Star Wars has the empire. Star Trek has the Borg.
Star Wars has Wookies. Star Trek has Klingons.
Star Wars has black and white unifrms. Star Trek has multi-color uniforms.
Star Wars has Princes Leia. Star Trek has Seven of Nine.
Star Wars has the Millennium Falcon. Star Trek has the Enterprise.
Star Wars has the voice of James Earl Jones (Vader). Star Trek has the voice of Majel Barrett (computer, who also played Troi's mother).
Star Wars destroys planets. Star Trek creates them.
Star Wars has the dark side. Star Trek has parallel universes.
Star Wars has George Lucas. Star Wars has Gene Roddenberry.
Star Wars has hyper drives/space. Star Trek has Warp drives/space.
In Star Wars you say, "May the Force Be With You." In Star Trek you say, "Live Long and Prosper."
Star Wars has tractor beams. Star Trek has tractor beams too!
Star Wars has C-3PO. Star Trek has Data.
Star Wars has the force. Star Trek has holodecks.
Star Wars has Ewoks. Star Trek has Tribbles.

Can you guess I just eat this stuff up!!

Sergeant Rock:

--- Quote from: mc ukrneal on September 18, 2011, 06:57:34 AM ---Star Trek has Seven of Nine.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, hot if you like Borgs  ;D  But I prefer Trills: Jadzia Dax and Ezri the spots  8)



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