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Dungeon Master:
Dear all at GMG

Next Monday (October 3), the GMG forum will be taken off the air for most of the day, morning to night Canberra time.

I will be upgrading the forum software to the latest stable release, SMF 2.0.1. This involves a full database download/backup (currently 2 GB in size!), uploading of the new software, re-writing existing mods, re-installing and upgrading the database, and opening the forum to business again.

From where you are sitting, you will notice no new features of the forum. Functionally and visually it will be the same. However, under the hood there will be a host of security enhancements and bug fixes. (One major bug is preventing some new users from registering).

Apologies for the inconvenience. But a turbo-charged forum will be the return.


Thanks, Rob!

Thanks so much, Rob, for your continued maintenance of this place. Your upkeep is much appreciated!


I want to thank Rob on behalf of Vanessa for the wonderful timing of the downtime. Since the 4th is our 7th anniversary (The Itch Anniversary?), I am sure Vanessa would appreciate that I won't be posting or reading the forum instead of doing all the chores and prepare for the festivities for the following day.

I will post on the 5th, if no itches develop.

Thanks for doing this, I look forward to using the upgraded forum. :)


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