Your Top 5 Mahler Movements - Poll!

Started by madaboutmahler, October 10, 2011, 08:49:24 AM

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Vote for your top 5 Mahler movements...

Symphony no.1: m1
Symphony no.1: m2
Symphony no.1: m3
Symphony no.1: m4
(Symphony no.1: Blumine)
Symphony no.2: m1
Symphony no.2: m2
Symphony no.2: m3
Symphony no.2: m4
Symphony no.2: m5
Symphony no.3: m1
Symphony no.3: m2
Symphony no.3: m3
Symphony no.3: m4
Symphony no.3: m5
Symphony no.3: m6
Symphony no.4: m1
Symphony no.4: m2
Symphony no.4: m3
Symphony no.4: m4
Symphony no.5: m1
Symphony no.5: m2
Symphony no.5: m3
Symphony no.5: m4
Symphony no.5: m5
Symphony no.6: m1
Symphony no.6: m2 (scherzo)
Symphony no.6: m3 (andante)
Symphony no.6: m4
Symphony no.7: m1
Symphony no.7: m2
Symphony no.7: m3
Symphony no.7: m4
Symphony no.7: m5
Symphony no.8: Part 1
Symphony no.8: Part 2
Symphony no.9: m1
Symphony no.9: m2
Symphony no.9: m3
Symphony no.9: m4
Symphony no.10: Adagio
Das Lied m1
Das Lied m2
Das Lied m3
Das Lied m4
Das Lied m5
Das Lied m6


Quote from: aukhawk on October 24, 2016, 04:17:02 AMI don't really get it.  IMHO, Mahler gives us several excellent examples of 'Symphony as collection of fairly unrelated pieces of music'.
Yes, whatever the virtues of the works taken as a whole, the movements are also strong enough to stand alone - which is handy for converting Mahler-phobes. For instance, I played the middle mvts of the 1st (cond. Otterloo) while my mother happened to be present, and she was surprised to find out she liked them. I imagine her reaction to the outer mvts would have been more equivocal.
There are many other mvts which are strong enough to stand as symphonic poems without frightening the horses, though of course the time is long past when a conductor could do this in concert without becoming anathema.