RIP Lis Shiveley (Uffeviking)

Started by Gurn Blanston, December 12, 2015, 11:32:50 AM

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I'm touched by the remembrances on thread.  I wish I had been more aware, I only remember the charming moniker.  How can I read her old posts?

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Quote from: Daverz on December 16, 2015, 06:24:43 PM
How can I read her old posts?

The old forum is still up (read-only) here:

Lis had the distinction of making the last ever post on that forum before it migrated here.


Just read this today.
I definitely remember her from the good ole GMG forum.
I always thought she was a very nice person.

May she rest in peace.

Pat B

And now I just saw this.

I think she had largely "retired" from the forum by the time I joined, but I have read enough old posts to recognize her as a great lover of music and a wise moderator.

May she rest in peace.


I, like you, just saw this thread.  She was one of the pillars here and will be missed.
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Quote from: Dungeon Master on December 16, 2015, 02:15:40 AM
Lis was a treasure. She was the only 80+ year old I know who could master the technicalities of the internet, especially the moderating of this forum. And not just the technicalities, but the human and fair-mindedness of being a great moderator. Her signature was "Kindlein liebet einander!" - "Children, love one another!".

And here is a sample of how she admonished a wayward member (from 2006!): 

You should by now know that GMG is a forum for discussions of classical music, not a place to display your uncivilised, uncultured gutter language. Take it where you picked it up: In the gutter, but keep it out of here!
I thank you, politely!

Years ago, when we moved to Vancouver for a few years, she invited me to her home in NY (Vancouver being closer than Canberra), and I am sorry I could never take her up on her offer. She was a true lady. Sadly missed.

That made me smile; it was very characteristically Lis.

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All very sobering. I recall exchanging messages with her in my crazier days ten years back. Best wishes.