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The previous topic with this title has no "Reply" button any longer, so I am starting a new one.

GMG Member "Anne" has been missing since the early summer: she liked opera quite a bit, and I was in contact with her now and then.

She also had, from what I could gather, emphysema from a bad decision made in her teenaged years, and also other ailments.  I have sent her a few messages, but no response, so I am wondering if she is in even worse condition.

Mn Dave:

Sergeant Rock:

--- Quote from: Mn Dave on October 25, 2011, 12:16:42 PM ---Scarpia?

--- End quote ---

When he stopped posting, I periodically checked his profile. I think he was last active in June, last post in April (?). But when I checked last week, he was no longer in the members list (unless he changed his name). That means, I assume, that after a long silence he finally deleted his account. Odd. Nothing in his last messages indicated anything was wrong. I miss the dude. And my bazooka is getting rusty.


I don't have access to the stats, so am I imagining things when it seems like things are slower around here in general? :(

Mn Dave:
The eccentrics have quieted down a bit.


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