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Who uses the iTunes store for their music and other downloads?

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Dungeon Master:
I am running a poll to see if anyone uses, or is willing to use, the Apple iTunes store for their legal download purchases. This includes music, movies, TV shows, apps and books.

Note that I am referring to the online music store where people can buy tracks and albums online. I am not referring to the iTunes software used for organising and playing their music. I realise the two are intimately linked, but my interest is in who uses the store to purchase music and other products.

I am trialing an affiliate link to iTunes to help financially support this website.

If people do use iTunes for their purchases, the affiliate link may be worth my time/effort. If not, it is just added distracting advertising.

Note that the iTunes search feature that pops up on GMG now is a live search/display box. Type in a few keywords and the box instantly returns CD suggestions, without leaving GMG.


I am a frequent user of the iTunes store, but not for music. I use it for movies and TV shows that I either purchase or rent through the Apple TV 2. Not sure if this qualifies for the purposes of the poll.

Dungeon Master:
Anything available on the iTunes store - music, TV shows, movies, apps, books.

original post modified to reflect all products.

71 dB:
I have never used the iTunes store and don't intend to.

I voted "frequently" although I'm really somewhere between that point and "occasionally".

I generally buy from iTunes when I need something I don't have for my teaching and I need it right away. This would usually be a single track of a popular song or a particular movement of a classical piece.

My iTunes account is actually more active, though, because both my wife and son use it to purchase their music.


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