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John Copeland:
I have cancelled the meeting with the Quakers.  That chat is working.   0:)

Bumping this thread. Come one, come all!

PS. Can a mod please sticky this? I'd like everyone to see this.

EDIT: Who is NorthStar? I saw you go in and exit before I had a chance to say anything.

John Copeland:
I have removed some posts from this which I made - they were inaccurate.  That chatroom is working fine, and I suspect it needs some support!  I for one think its great chatting realtime about music, and there is a 'jukebox' function on to which you can add from your music for all to listen to.

Yes, it really works, people!

Mirror Image:

--- Quote from: lescamil on January 13, 2012, 11:03:28 PM ---Just click the link, set your nick, and hit Go. Don't touch any other settings. It will open it up in a few seconds, you'll see all the users on the right side, and you can just chat away.

Trust me, it IS working correctly. I have been chatting in it for the past while nonstop and I've been watching to see if anyone comes in.

--- End quote ---

It's not working for me. I chose my nick name and I hit "connect" but nothing is happening.


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