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vers la flamme:

--- Quote from: hvbias on July 24, 2022, 03:40:25 AM ---Just IMO since it sounds like you are still early on in your Mahler journey, Solti is one of the very last I'd come to. I just don't find they communicate anything of substance.

--- End quote ---

I wouldn't say I'm that early on with Mahler; he's been one of my favorite composers for about three years. I just go in and out of phases of complete obsession where his music is all I want to hear  ;D but yes, I'll probably hold off on the Solti box. I really want to get the Kubelík cycle, but I can't find it cheaply right now.

There is a "special edition"  ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07G2PK4RH  that seems cheaper than the older Kubelik DG boxes now (about 40 EUR)

Probably too much of a hazzle but I think all of the DG Kubelik except #3 and #7? was available separately in one or another cheapo DG series: Resonance/Musikfest, Galleria, eloquence, virtuoso..


vers la flamme:

Or this one:

Worth hearing?

Current consideration is whether to buy these:

or this:

If anyone has information on the presentation of the Triad version / differences in presentation, it would be appreciated. I'm pretty certain I'd get the same music in each case.


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