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Claude Baker's Cookie Jar
« on: February 09, 2018, 06:28:03 AM »
W. Claude Baker Jr. hasn't got a thread yet. Perhaps he won't need one... hopefully he will.

Meanwhile CLICK-BAIT alarm:

Classical CD Of The Week: A Starry-Fantastical Contemporary American Piano Concerto

...In recommending Claude Baker’s From Noon to Starry Night as well as Aus Schwanengesang, I’d like to say that the music stands on its own; that it can be judged on its own, intrinsically individual merits… But perhaps that is not quite true: the quotation-aspect is too strong as to be able to ignore it. Which is strange, in a way: In the visual arts we judge a collage very easily on its own merits. That’s probably because we are not familiar with the parts that make up the whole; the ingredients are often anonymous or at best symbolic and not the smile of the Mona Lisa pasted onto the face of Quentin de La Tour’s Louis XV of France set in Henri Rousseau’s Exotic Landscape. In music meanwhile, the famous quotes – even the faint ones that appear and disappear on the horizon – stick out and determine our perception more definitely. The way we appreciate Kurt Schwitters is not analogue to the way we appreciate Hans Zender...