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Re: Klaus Huber's Haircuttery
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IMO Klaus Huber is somewhere in between Nono/Berio and Sciarrino/Lachenmann/Ferneyhough. Certainly nowhere near as dated as a guy from 1924 could be,  ya know what I mean?

Interesting. I went to find you a blurb about Klaus K. Hubler. Looks like the New Complexity page was trimmed a bit on wikipedia since the last several times I read the thing. Anyway, probably the most significant source of notoriety, for me, was that Hubler was cited as an influence amongst a sort of second wave of New Complexity composers. The ones coming primarily from outside the UK, that is. You know. Mahnkopf, Wohlhauser, Cassidy, Eckardt, etc.

As for Nicolaus Huber, he always sounded most like Rolf Riehm to me. Which is, imo, a little closer to a Lachenmann/Hespos hybrid, perhaps with sprinkles of that whole Kagel, Schnebel, Globokar, etc kind of thing.

lol, your Post reads like a steamy Avant romance novel... by the last sentence I was on my third cigar!!! bam bambam bam,woo!!

You see, outside world, this IS the kind of stuff that gets us off, lol!! :laugh:

Back to Klaus Huber (NOT Klaus W. Huber, mind you... tsk tsk) yea, no, he's not "dated", because, I think, the aim of High Modernism was to transcend, just like any other era's Good Music. Mature Malec... wait, maybe it's just whatever Composer ArturoTamayo decides to conduct??? I mean, if aaanyone's looking for a link, duh, -

Yea, we say "sounds like" so and so, when, ultimately, when the thought occurs that I want to "hear it all... right NOOOW", I know exactly where to go to find:

1) gliss strings... strings used in a cosmic way

2) deliciously googling, burbling, cracking tones of winds and brass

3) all the various percussion families being used at once...piano, harp, harpsichord, maribavibes, chimes, bells, electronix

4) maybe electric guitar

5) humor, talent, AND balls (we've talked about the no-humors before)

6) at least 3 SECONDS of mind shattering tonic melody somewhere within 10-15mins. at least!!

7) all these things put together in oh such a way, baby!!

So, what that means is... EVERY Composer of High Modernism,, who has been allowed to, has achieved a 'Golden Season' of Mature Works that jettisons the 50s/60s for the 70s-mid90s 'Heaven's Gate' (either total flop or barnburner) best of the best.

Whether Luto, Ligeti, Xenakis, Sciarrino, Dallapiccollllla, Italians, CageFeldman, Japanese, Crumb, Messiaen, Germans, Polish, Halffter, Dutilleux , Berio, Stockhausen, Kagel...


With Stockhausen, I'd go straight for Ylem.Inori... with Luto, Sym 2 or 3... Ligeti, SanFran Polyphony,... Xenakis, maybe Jonchaies/Lichens... and so on...

Back to Huber:

That Timpani disc- the two early works have an almost Impressionistic Complexity that's quite different from the two 80s works, which exhibit that 'Totally Mature' feeling. Just listen to that piano concerto 'Intarsi' (maybe follow it up with the Kurtag 'Quasi...'). So delicate, so Modern, all the elements of Composition, past and future.

And 'Protuberanzen' is a nifty little "everything in five minutes", just like Xenakis's 'Tracees'. (actually, THAT work might take the cake for having it all, except it's so short).

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Re: Klaus Huber's Hostel
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Maybe someone could merge the two and take the apostrophe out of the title to make it easier to find.
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Re: Klaus Huber's Hostel
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Maybe someone could merge the two and take the apostrophe out of the title to make it easier to find.

That would be nice, but may I point out that this original thread was listed in the composer index and that there was no need to deal with the inconsistent search engine.