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Hi Everyone,

I was excited to hear that the forum was being totally re-launched so that I thought I would re-register, along with, I am sure, lots of others. Although now I am no longer a student I suspect I won't have much time to post!

Just to give you an update on all those who care:

I now live in London and am training to be a solicitor at a city law firm. Musically, I have been listening to a great deal of modern music, from Cage to Satie and from Varese to Messiaen, which is a real development for me and am actually coming out of the biggest spending spree I've ever had.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you all

Michel.......hmm, rings a bell....haven't we met? ;D

Hi Michel, and welcome again............


--- Quote from: lukeottevanger on April 11, 2007, 09:36:28 AM ---Michel.......hmm, rings a bell....haven't we met? ;D

--- End quote ---

I've been telling new people I've met about you this week. A "near genius", I say.

Welcome, Michel, and good luck with your solicitor studies.  (And of course, in your listening to contemporary music  ;)).



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