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king ubu:

--- Quote from: Brian on November 06, 2018, 05:31:40 AM ---There is a new, fancily packaged/marketed issue, "Nightconcert," of Erroll Garner and his trio playing a midnight set in I think Amsterdam. I might put it on my Christmas list to find out how it is with no risk.

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Can't go wrong with it, methinks!


--- Quote from: Brian on November 06, 2018, 05:31:40 AM ---There is a new, fancily packaged/marketed issue, "Nightconcert," of Erroll Garner and his trio playing a midnight set in I think Amsterdam. I might put it on my Christmas list to find out how it is with no risk.

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Nobody gave it to me!


--- Quote from: Brian on December 25, 2018, 01:05:07 PM ---Nobody gave it to me!

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There's no rule that says you can't give a gift to yourself.
 :P >:D

T. D.:

The Complete 1975 Toronto Recordings
Mosaic Records Limited Edition Box Set

The Complete 1975 Toronto Recordings
Paul Desmond was an artist who stood alone on the alto saxophone. His tone was light, but full. His improvisations were complex but always lyrical and direct. If Johnny Hodges was the seducer on alto, Desmond was the cool intellect always willing to engage all of your senses.

Limited Edition: 2,500 copies
7 CDs


--- Quote from: T. D. on April 24, 2020, 05:42:42 PM ---Dark Tree (  in France has some Horace Tapscott projects upcoming. I already purchased  WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN? – Live at LACMA, 1998 from them.
The info below is copied from an e-mail I received; the Ancestral Echoes doesn't seem to show on their website yet. BTW, Isoardi's previous book The Dark Tree (now oop, it included a fine CD) is outstanding.

Dear Friends,
First, we hope you and yours are doing well.
Then, here's an update regarding the upcoming BOOK, VINYL and CD announced a few weeks ago.
Meanwhile, stay safe!

Chers amis,
Tout d'abord, nous espérons que vous vous portez bien !
Ensuite, voici les dernières nouvelles concernant le LIVRE, le VINYLE et le CD que nous vous annoncions il y a quelques semaines.
En attendant, prenez soin de vous !

Bertrand Gastaut
DARK TREE is extremely proud to announce you the publication of:
DARK TREE est très heureux de vous annoncer la publication de :

A PAPA/UGMAA Oral History
of Growing Up In Postwar
South Central Los Angeles

by Steven L. Isoardi
with artists of The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra
and The Union of God’s Musicians and Artists Ascension



To the USA, we can ship right now.
To France and the Rest of the World, we will ship around May 1st.

Les envois en direction des USA seront traités immédiatement.
Pour la France et le Reste du Monde, les envois seront traités aux alentours du 1er Mai.

In the post World War II era, dozens of young African Americans in South Central Los Angeles found their way to careers in music. In a community facing challenging social conditions and with little to no outside support, they would become artists, supported by the best that their community and culture had to offer, from neighborhood and family to schools and churches, private teachers, formal and informal spaces and institutions, and more than a few unsung heroes.

“The neighborhood was tough, but it’s not like it is today.... I mean I knew that we were not rich people, but I never, ever felt poor.” — pianist Bobby West

“I was sitting up there tripping off of James Brown, and my cousin came in very angry. ‘You need to stop all that bullshit and get turned on to jazz music, because it’s a way of life.’ That freaked me out, man, and I was freaked for the rest of my life.” — trumpeter Jon Williams

“Our music is contributive, rather than competitive.” — pianist Horace Tapscott
100 pages (in English)
Front cover illustration and design by Paul Rogers



12" LP • 180g vinyl • Pressed by PALLAS in Germany
Flip back cover • 2-page insert

Liner Notes by Steven L. Isoardi
Photos by Warren Berman

Side A: Fela, Fela
Side B: Why Don't You Listen?


The vinyl is ready but still waiting at the pressing plant: we can't stock it in our place, so we have to wait the end of the French lockdown (probably May 11) for a delivery to another address. However, Pallas (the pressing plant), was kind enough to send us 3 copies: it's gorgeous!!
It's already listed on Discogs where you'll find more photos and specifics.

Le vinyle est prêt mais toujours à l'usine de pressage: n'ayant pas la possibilité de l'entreposer, nous devons attendre la fin du confinement afin de le faire livrer à une autre adresse. Cependant, Pallas, a eu l'amabilité de nous en faire parvenir 3 copies : le résultat est merveilleux !
Le disque est déjà renseigné sur Discogs où vous trouverez plus de photos et de détails.


The Covina Sessions, 1976

Previously unpublished studio recordings!

This CD will include a 16-page booklet
with liner notes by Steven L. Isoardi, statements by Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, James Andrews, Charles Chandler, Kamau Daáood, Kachina Roberts and Jesse Sharps, photos by Mark Weber and courtesy of the Horace Tapscott Archive and some rare documents.

1- Ancestral Echoes
2- Sketches of Drunken Mary
3- Jo Annette
4- Eternal Egypt Suite

The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra
Horace Tapscott, Aubrey Hart, Adele Sebastian, Jesse Sharps, Gary Bias, Michael Session, Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, James Andrews, Charles Chandler, Amos Delone, Steve Smith, Lester Robertson, Wendell C. Williams, Red Callender, Linda Hill, David Bryant, Marcus McLaurine, Ricky Simmons, Ishmael Balaka, Moises Obligacion, Kamau Daáood.
Other possible participants: Herbert Callies, Dadisi Komolafe, Robert Watt.


The CD will be soon at the pressing plant and might be available at the end of May.

Le CD sera bientôt à l'usine de pressage et pourrait être disponible à la fin du mois de mai.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for this post, I am mighty tempted by those Horace Tapscott releases.


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