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--- Quote from: sanantonio on September 16, 2012, 06:31:14 AM ---You are right; and that rhythm section is fantastic.  They also have recorded several CDs with Enrico Pieranunzi, who if you have not already done so, you should check out.

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I'm very familiar with Pieranunzi's work. The Italian Bill Evans? Possibly.

San Antone:
A couple of new things for Pat Metheny fans:

Unity Band

Unity Band is a quartet of Metheny, Chirs Potter, Ben Williams and Antonio Snachez, and the first Metheny recording since 80/81 to feature a saxophone.  This is a very good record (imo), nine Metheny originals and the playing and ensembling are strong.  Metheny had this to say about the band and music,

--- Quote ---"We all always talked about revisiting that band at some point, but with both Mike and Dewey gone now, that will never happen," he continues. "But then Chris Potter came along. As a fan, I have watched as he has become one of the greatest musicians of our time, and when we were both invited to play on Antonio Sanchez's debut record, I immediately saw that we had a natural way of playing and phrasing that suggested something more. I started thinking right then of somehow building a project around that."

For the rhythm section, Metheny explains, "Antonio was kind of an obvious choice; he has been one of my closest associates over the past ten years and has also played a lot with Chris. He is such a special musician. There was a certain kind of power I knew that Chris and I would be getting to and I can't think of anyone who could take us to that place better than Antonio." He continues, "A few years ago, Christian McBride invited me to an event that he was leading with the jazz students at Juilliard. Ben Williams was featured on a few tunes and his playing spoke to me immediately. I used Ben a few times to sub for Christian with the trio and found him to be a great playing partner and a great person too. He and Antonio had an instantly effortless rapport."
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The Scofield/Metheny CD is really a Scofield record with Metheny sitting in.  The band is filled out with Bill Stewart and Steve Swallow.  Here's what had to say:

--- Quote ---Guitar giants John Scofield and Pat Metheny teamed up for the first time on records for this CD. The collaboration does take awhile to get going and it is not until the fourth cut, the bluish "Everybody's Party," that the sparks begin to fly; fortunately the momentum does not let up much throughout the remainder of the CD. All of the selections (including two blues) are originals by either of the guitarists and, with the accompaniment of bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Bill Stewart, this varied set generally lives up to expectations.
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Both good new jazz releases.

San Antone:
Four MFs Playin' Tunes
Branford Marsalis Quartet

I've been a fan of Branford Marsalis for a long time.  While I also like his brother's records, I consider Branford to be the more interesting musician, to my taste.  This latest CD uses his regular quartet, sans Jeff "Tain" Watts, who have a telepathic camaraderie, and this is not compromised with the new drummer. 

--- Quote from: ---The music on Four MFs Playin' Tunes covers a wide range of moods, from heart-aching ("My Ideal") to earthshaking ("Whiplash"), but the focus is always on in-the-moment, conversant interplay rather than variety for variety's sake. The quartet doesn't look beyond the work at hand and that benefits every number, as they're able to fully invest themselves in each piece. Tropically-tinged modernism ("The Mighty Sword"), flowing contemplation ("Maestra") and wondrous jumbles of melodicism buried under a deluge of notes ("Endymion") come into the picture at various times, as all four men feed off of each other to find their way.
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Leo K.:

--- Quote from: sanantonio on September 14, 2012, 09:59:02 AM ---

And with that I offer you this:

Fred Hersch Trio - Alive at the Vanguard (2012)

Fred Hersch has been in New York for decades and consistently playing great jazz usually in a trio setting.  This disc captures his latest group in top form and playing a solid set of standards and originals.  "Playing together since 2010, Hersch has settled in comfortably with bassist John Hébert and drummer Eric McPherson, veteran musicians of estimable talent who both can drive hardily and swing delicately. This recording puts the three on a par with the great Bill Evans and his small groups."  (quote from Larry Taylor's review in All About Jazz).  Although I think he may have meant "inestimable" talent ...

"Hersch has found musical soul mates in drummer Eric McPherson and bassist John Hébert, who played in pianist Andrew Hill's last rhythm section. They are players who can set up a fluid flow or pack a prodding punch, and who seem always capable of enhancing Hersch's exquisite sense of melody, beginning with the pianist's gorgeous original opener, "Havana," filled with a feeling of spicy romance and a vibrant momentum."  (quote from Dan McClenaghan's review, also in All About Jazz).

I hope others contribute their own selections and slowly we compile a nice living discography of new jazz records so that the myth can be put to rest.


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I am really enjoying this album, thanks for the recommend!

San Antone:

--- Quote from: Leo K on September 24, 2012, 05:54:56 AM ---I am really enjoying this album, thanks for the recommend!

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My pleasure!  :D


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