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Good Music Guide on Reddit
« on: February 06, 2013, 04:07:37 AM »

I have started a Good Music Guide community on Reddit. People can like posts there. It is the social media what I was looking for to complement this forum. You can add posts there. I will try to maintain it.

The page displays a ranking with most valueable posts. You can save posts and share them. You can see what posts your friends like. I think it works nice and it is a manner to sort posts here and to interact in a different way. What I like to achieve is that "quality posts" will get more attention and in the forefront. So I will start with sharing a number of quality posts there. It would be nice if GMG will attract more readers from people who are active on Reddit. Also, of course, people here can join Reddit and find valuable post there which are previously posted on GMG. GMG is about actual things and discussion, Reddit can complement because it's on the contrary about all-time posts. Rankings can be ordered in different ways, also for instance on basis of new links and on basis of posts that are raising in the rankings. In this way quality posts will get into picture.


See also this general reddit on classical music:

There are also interesting subreddits like composer reddits, for example:

A list of all subreddits on classical music:
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