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Dungeon Master:
A continuation of the old Purchases Today thread.

The old thread, renamed "Past Purchases", can be read HERE.

North Star:
Woo! First post! (just a coincidence, it's not like I decided to buy after seeing that there's a new thread or anything like that...)

Laurent Korcia with Pludermacher or Luisada
Franck's VS, Enescu's 3rd VS, and other stuff

You beat me, Karlo!  >:D  ;D

Wanted to get involved with this new thread, and this has been on my eye for a while. I told myself that if it had the Pavane on the disc as well, I'd get it. And fortunately, it did:

a couple of early operas from presto: GLUCK: Ezio and VIVALDI: Ercole sul Termodonte for $21.35 + p&p

Listen What the Cat Dragged In:

  W. Lutosławski
The Symphonies
E-P.Salonen / LA Phil
German link - UK link
A Los Angeles cat, apparently... had this waiting for me when I got home after an arduous trip. 3 Re-issues packed with a new recording of the Fourth & the Fanfare.


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