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from Hyperion's "please buy me" page, enough to qualify for a further 10% off
LISZT   Fantasies on National Anthems      SCHUBERT:  Early Songs
MORTELSMAN  Homeric Symphony      LAMBERT  Pomona

Mirror Image:

--- Quote from: madaboutmahler on February 24, 2013, 03:11:40 PM ---You beat me, Karlo!  >:D  ;D

Wanted to get involved with this new thread, and this has been on my eye for a while. I told myself that if it had the Pavane on the disc as well, I'd get it. And fortunately, it did:


--- Quote from: jlaurson on February 24, 2013, 06:11:18 PM ---

--- End quote ---

I can believe it this time, as it looks like it got a bit chewed up.  But what cat could resist these refined delicacies.

From cdjapan:

The Shostakovich set includes Symphonies No. 10 and 9 (the last conducted by Efrem Kurtz).

Silvestri in Japan(1964)

Getting ready for March Madness!  8)  Thank you Daniel and Ilaria for the Glazunov and Rachmaninov recommendations!  :)


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