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I am giving away all of the François Bayle CDs listed below since I was recently given his 15-CD 50 ans de acousmatique box. I will happily hand them over for free if you collect them in person; otherwise, you will have to pay for packing and shipping. PM me for more details.

Camera oscura/Espaces inhabitables


La forme de l'esprit est un papillon

La forme du temps est un cercle


La main vide



Toupie dans le cielçois-Bayle-Toupie-Dans-Le-Ciel/release/872765

Trois rêves d'oiseau/Mimametaçois-Bayle-Trois-Rêves-DOiseau-Mimameta/release/248353

Vibrations composées/Grande polyphonieées-Grande-Polyphonie/release/222261

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Does a free barf bag come with those CDs?

Don't be obnoxious.  Bayle was is brilliant.

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--- Quote from: Octave on March 17, 2013, 07:33:30 PM ---Don't be obnoxious.  Bayle was brilliant.

--- End quote ---

In your opinion he was. Not to me. His music sounds like the equivalent of a washing machine gone haywire, but, then again, he was a student of Messiaen and Stockhausen so this explains it all to me. But all of this is just my opinion.


--- Quote from: Mirror Image on March 17, 2013, 06:55:43 PM ---Does a free barf bag come with those CDs?

--- End quote ---

You will have to bring your own.


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