Giving up meat to get fit -a good idea?

Started by yashin, July 18, 2007, 03:59:02 AM

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Quote from: orbital on July 18, 2007, 01:57:26 PM
I meant people with slow metabolisms

Not to pick the point apart, but slow metabolism is a result of hypothyroidism. That's not to say that everyone with slow metabolism will suffer or is suffering from this. It is however something that those people you know might want to check out. I know someone with the opposite of this--which definitely seems the better one to have--and it's not something that should be left unchecked.

not edward

As a long-term vegetarian I wouldn't recommend giving up meat to get fit. A balanced diet is more important.

Basically, kick the junk and sugar out your diet: that'll make the big difference. Cook from ingredients at home if you can--eating smaller portions than pre-made food or at restaurants--that way you know what's actually going into your food (plus if you can get good veggies from a farmers' market or something similar you won't believe the difference compared to supermarket crap). You'll probably feel a bit weird for a week or so, then significantly better thereafter.

And I can't emphasise enough: cut any pop out of your diet--all it does is leave you getting sugar rushes and crashing when they go away. I try to have pots of home-made iced teas and green tea in the fridge at all times so I've always got something good to drink.
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Thanks everyone.  Agree or disagree it has sparked some interesting views.

I guess what i need to do is have a more balanced diet-one that is not so meat-centric and that will take some time.  Being a hopeless cook doesn't help...

Will look at some cook books today-but i find them all so fussy and complicated or olde fashioned.  A book for single guys who can't cook, hate cooking would be great ;D

Again, many thanks for your wise posts