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Rafael Adame (1906-1963)
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Adame rapidly gained the admiration and respect of his teachers and fellow students, Julián Carrillo integrated him to the first Grupo 13, which gave the first performance of music based on 16ths of tone, at the Teatro Principal in México City, on February 15, 1925. In that concert, Rafael Adame played two works for quarter-tone guitar composed by himself, a Preludio and a Capricho, and was the guitarist in one of Julián Carrillo’s most respected masterpiece, Preludio a Colón (1924), for soprano, violin, flute quarter-tone guitar, octavina (eighth-tones) and harp (sixteenth-tones), which was premiered on November 13, 1924, with Adame palying the guitar. Rafael Adame was the first composer to write music for the quarter-tone guitar (an instrument built by Baudelio García, a luthier from Guadalajara, México), the program notes for that concert inform us of his intention of writing a work for sixteenth-tone guitar, a work that could not have been written, since García did not finish the sixteenth-tone guitar on time for the concert.

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