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Although we have a thread dedicated to HIP music, Mozart's output was so great that I think that a thread dedicated to HIP recordings of his works is necessary.  So, I am honored to start the new Mozart HIP thread. ;D

Here are a few of the great HIP Mozart recordings that I love:
Andrew Manze and the English Concert: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
René Jacobs: Le Nozze di Figaro
Jos van Immerseel: Complete Solo Clavier-Concerte
Bilson Gardiner: Complete Piano Concertos
Tafelmusik: Symphonies 40 & 41

Just bought the Ronald Brautigam Piano Sonatas set a few months ago, and have the Piano Concertos w/ Bilson & Gardiner in the mail - should arrive early next week, if not sooner.

But, looking forward to other recommendations -  :D


I've just listed this article in the Beethoven thread, but I think is should be listed here as well:

Robert Levin wrote a very informative and interesting paper as the keynote address at a conference at Cornell University on the 28th of March, 2003 about Mozart and the Keyboard Culture of  his Time that I would love to recommend to all the hipsters here.  In it he discusses the nature of keyboard performance, improvisation and variation; how Mozart helped his sister "fake" improvisation by composing modulating preludes and other pseudo-improvisations, which she evidently memorized and performed as if she were spontaneously inventing them. (Levin, p.4); as well as discussing the construction of the fortepianos of the day and how that affected the music composed for them.

Have fun reading!


--- Quote from: James on April 12, 2007, 01:16:39 PM ---another vote for bilson/gardiner, heard a few of these, quite nice...

--- End quote ---

Am I wrong to find this positivity confusing, in the light of what you've ben saying re. the misguidedness of HIP keyboard in Mozart and Haydn on the Haydn thread?  ;) :)

Some choral music recommendations.
This set with 10 of the masses has marvelous performances.
Beautiful fleet performances, not the more "Haydnesque", accented approach like Harnoncourt.
Vocal contributions by the likes of Schlick, Frimmer, Prégardien and Mertens.
He gives in the C minor Hogwood a run for his money. Maybe not a set not to replace all favourites of the major pieces but ideal to "fill the gaps" on the other masses in a superb, most satisfying way.
BTW sound ('88-'91) is excellent

Recommended! (buget price)                             For the requiem my absolute favourite is Bruno Weil:

                                                                           click picture for link

And this one - excellent fun! :D



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