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Started by orange, July 26, 2007, 01:29:15 AM

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I'm writing a new piece and I came to one smaller problem. When I write 'rubato' somewhere in a piece(for a period of one bar), do I need to write 'A tempo' when I want to be end of 'rubato'?

The Mad Hatter

I'd say it's probably fairly clear that you don't want rubato for the next bar.

Still, senza rubato or senza espressione (if the latter is what you want) should do the trick. Or, if you don't object to English, In strict time would be fine, too.


...or, simply and clearly, a line, dotted or not, extending from the word 'rubato' over the music to which it apples (like an 8va sign, for instance)

Larry Rinkel

Or write "giusto" when you want strict time to resume. "A tempo" would imply a tempo change.

Or, if context is clear enough, no mark may be needed.


Thanks for your answers. You helped me a lot :)