The Key of Imagination

Started by Karl Henning, April 29, 2023, 12:36:41 PM

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Karl Henning

Next is another Richard Matheson script. "Death-Ship." My position is that all of the shows in which Jack Klugman appears are indeed very good shows: "Passage for Trumpet." "A Game of Pool," "In Praise of Pip," and, yes, "Death-Ship." Before re-watching the show, i.e., just watching Serling's "next week on Twilight Zone teaser, I remember liking and thinking well of the episode.

The story is a kind of time/space conundrum which messes with the heads of the characters, a crew aboard a spaceship orbiting a planet they are still considering landing upon. They do land, finding and seeing very strange things. Actual viewing affirms my recollection of enjoying this one very much.
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