Worst looking CD/LP artwork

Started by Maciek, April 12, 2007, 03:04:53 PM

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"Bad taste"....oh lala!.
The simple fact that several GMG members are discussing these cd covers...prove, I dare say, that the marketing works.
I haven't found out yet what Fra Bernardo's artistic design credo is, but, apparently
"Wer sich am Namen des Ensembles und dem Cover stört, der möge einmal im Katalog des Labels ,,Fra Bernardo" stöbern. Schnell wird klar, dass es sich lediglich um eine poppig stilisierte Weiterentwicklung des Art-Designs von Produktionen mit dem Ensemble ,,The Sound and the Fury" handelt."

"Anyone who is bothered by the name of the ensemble and the cover should browse through the catalog of the "Fra Bernardo" label. It quickly becomes clear that this is merely a stylized, pop style development of the art design of productions with the ensemble "The Sound and the Fury"."

Source: https://hoerbar.nmz.de/2020/05/johannes-ockeghem-masses-2-beauty-farm

Anyway, these silly Beauty farm covers leave me cold. But "bad taste" - mais non!


Well that doesn't help because I already realised they were related to the covers for The Sound and The Fury. Which are also terrible.
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Quote from: Peter Power Pop on March 14, 2023, 10:21:46 PMDiscogs lists eight releases from Beauty Farm.

Here's their discography in visual form:


The last one gets extra points for reminding me of Mad Max: Fury Road.

That discography is not complete.
It manifestly lacks the Barbireau title posted above.
I vaguely recall at least two Beauty Farm covers uglier than any of those on the discogs list, but the memory is too painful so I'll refrain from dredging those up...  :-X


It's seems the Beauty Farm is in the midst of an extreme drought.
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Why are they drowning a clarinet?