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Mathias Pintscher’s Punt
« on: May 22, 2020, 07:14:57 AM »
What do you reckon to him as composer? I’m rather impressed with this myself. What else should I hear?

De Profundis, or is it Caro Gesualdo, you should hear the quartet on the CD. It’s substantial and it has a tantalising subtitle - Ritratto Di Gesualdo. It has quite an original and authentic sound to it IMO, despite being very Germanic in feel - you can imagine he’s lionised in the best parties in Doneraueschingen. It’s airy music, there’s space, silence, and I like that.  The other pieces - figura - are well done but seem to me to be more derivative. The last piece on the CD, Dernier espace avec introspecteur is also fresh sounding and well made, I think. Maybe the best on the CD in fact.
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