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Stephen Sondheim (1930-2021)

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Roasted Swan:
I played on a Sondheim show in London's West End in the late 1980's.  Loved every minute of it - incredibly rewarding to play.  The great man came and saw the production and LOATHED it.  Ah well..........

I don't get to musical theatre too often when listening, but I was looking around to see what I still had of Sondheim's soundtracks. I definitely kept everything that had Angela Lansbury in it, a frequent collaborator of Sondheim, and who just turned 96 herself.

I came across this 2009 interview with both Sondheim and Lansbury today. They obviously had great respect for each other and wonderful stories to tell:

Listening to this old favorite:

RIP Mr. Sondheim. I've played in the pit orchestra for a production of his Sweeney Todd - I'm not familiar with too much musical theatre but it seems to be a masterpiece of the genre if there ever was one. The often advanced harmonies that Sondheim employs shows that he knew his 20th century composers! Not to mention there's some killer melodies found throughout the score.


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