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--- Quote from: Brian on August 26, 2015, 05:25:58 PM ---Considering these live dates. Anybody know 'em?
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Don't know those specifically, but based on my experience, all Monk recordings are more than worth considering.  Same with Hawkins. 



Interesting..the track listings and timings are not quite the same as the two equivalent CDs in the Riverside All Monk set.  And track order is not the same.

king ubu:

--- Quote from: Brian on August 26, 2015, 05:25:58 PM ---Considering these live dates. Anybody know 'em?
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The Hawkins recordings are great! However, these are grey market/public domain reissues (and frankly, as they do contain the CD bonus tracks, they might be partly bootlegs, if those bonus tracks, as I think, first appeared on the 90s CD reissues - as it might be somewhat difficult to track down the original reissues - the quartet one was Japanese on top of it - I'm not saying you should stay away, but you should be aware ... same goes for the Monk if it's indeed the Riverside, it's probably properly PD, but there were official reissues, and as always in such cases, you don't quite know about what sources were used by the PD folks).

The Monk 1969 is good (not very good) but from a historic perspective, it's most valuable of course.

The Giants of Jazz stuff is good (though it usually doesn't get me all too excited), but it's bootlegs indeed - the material is in circulation, depending on how you do your collecting, you might look for it on the internets instead of nurturing the pirates.

The J.J. material with Bobby Jaspar is great. Not sure there'd be any official reissues of it ... I have the old Mosaic box of J.J.'s Columbia Small group dates and love it. Besides the Columbia recordings, it also contains Fresh Sounds own (bootleg, I assume) "Live at the Cafe Bohemia", which adds more music by a good band ... musically, a great package for sure! (Not idea though about sources - not legal to cop off the Mosaic, but I'd not be surprised if that's what they did ... and if they did, let's hope they didn't run too many filters that did damage to the sound.)

Finally, Evans/Baker - yes, looks better than it is, I'm afraid. Neither man's best recordings, again I'd say: good, not very good (nor great). It should, though, be pretty easy in this case to lay hands on the official reissues ("Chet" was part of the Keepnews Series done by Concord, "Lerner and Loewe" was part of the even more recent OJC Remasters series, and both were available as OJCCDs for decades before that).

It's hard for me to say too much about these recent re-assemblies or recent live albums from radio broadcasts or tv broadcasts compared to the original albums (which I mostly have) and therefore don't buy compilations - I would say if the sound quality is pretty good, then any Monk from the Sixties is going to be at least decent, although I would go for the Blue Note sides and albums that do not have Charlie Rouse - he was not the right player for Monk.  IN ACTION and MISTERIOSO was his best band.


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