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--- Quote from: sanantonio on July 03, 2015, 11:56:29 AM ---People are reporting that after invoking the import iTunes Library into iCloud that Apple Music screws up their iTunes Library's metadata, re-tagging items (sometimes incorrectly or at the very least differently from how you might have painstakingly tagged them), and even putting tracks from one album into another.  Really messed up.  I am glad my initial attempt failed.  I have backed up my itl file and will wait to see if they fix the glitch before attempting again.

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Fortunately, I didn't take this option because I suspected something like this....

BTW, another interesting feature on Apple Music is the streaming of a fair amount of musical videos, both popular and classical.  :)

I've been using Apple Music for past few days since it started and found a great deal of what I like. However, there are some notable exceptions: ECM, Linn and Hyperion labels are the most significant omissions. None of those labels is on Spotify - a service of which I've only ever used the free version. I've read elsewhere that Qobuz used to have quite a lot of Hyperion and possibly ECM but I've never used that service, so cannot verify.
According to Apple they are currently streaming at 256kbps not 320 like Spotify, although Apple uses AAC which is supposed to have better overall quality in spite of the streaming speed.
Over past 2 days I have gone through Gramophone and BBC Music magazine reviews for their June editions and found about half to two thirds of them on Apple Music.
I wonder what other experiences people have had.

Thanks, all.

I know Qobuz subscriptions are available in the UK - I just wondered whether anyone had found a way to access the 15-day free trial, since the link doesn't actually link to anything.  Perhaps you get it automatically when you sign up, which I'm going to do when I get back from holiday in a couple of weeks.

Does anyone listen to streams through hifi? How do you get it into the hifi?


--- Quote from: Mandryka on July 05, 2015, 01:28:01 AM ---Does anyone listen to streams through hifi? How do you get it into the hifi?

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I use a device from Kaiser Bass called Soundshift. It connects to my stereo amp via RCA plugs and all I have to do is select it on my iPad/iPhone via AirPlay. I've also managed to connect it to my work tablet via WiFi. Both run through my home WiFi network. I am very happy with the sound and the ability to listen to Spotifiy through my system.


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