William Mathias (1934-92)

Started by Maestro267, August 01, 2015, 11:32:05 AM

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Quote from: relm1 on January 30, 2023, 06:02:56 AMImpressive list!  I look forward to hearing the Concerto for Orchestra this evening.  Can I also get these:

This Worlde's Joie, Op.67 (1974)
Janet Price, sop; Kenneth Bowen, ten; Michael Rippon, bar/ Dyfed Choir/ Fishguard Secondary School Choir/ BBC Welsh SO/ William Mathias (1/7/1987, br. 24/8/1987)

Organ Concerto, Op.91 (1984)
Gillian Weir, organ/ BBC Welsh SO/ Erich Bergel (br. 12/9/1984)

In Arcadia (1991)
BBC NOW/ Tadaaki Otaka (br. 30/5/1992)

Violin Concerto (1991)
Gyorgy Pauk, violin/ Hallé O/ Charles Groves (16/1/1992)

Flute Concerto (1992)
William Bennett, flute/ Guildhall String Ensemble


Just sent to you by PM, let me know if you got them...

A piece is worth your attention, and is itself for you praiseworthy, if it makes you feel you have not wasted your time over it. (SG, 1922)