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Christoph Nichelmann (1717-1762)
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German composer who was a student of JS Bach, studying composition along with son WF Bach in Leipzig.  in 1733 he arrived in Hamburg to study under Telemann, among others. 1739 went to Berlin to pursue a career in music where he became the associate of Frederick the Great's flute instructor, and the court composer C.H. Graun.  In 1745 he, along with CPE Bach, was a keyboardist in the royal establishment.  He wrote a treatise on the French and Italian styles and their merits, which attracted a lot of attention and was controversial. He left the court in 1756 and spent the rest of his years in Berlin.
His musical emphasis was the keyboard concerto, a relatively new form during his time.  He composed a cantata and a requiem, and was one of the earliest composers of lieder.

Orchestral works
17 concertos for harpsichord & strings
violin concerto
2 sinfonias
Overture (dance suite)
Sinfonia for 2 flutes, 2 horns, 2 oboes & strings

Keyboard pieces
Rondo in G
6 menuets
6 polonaises
6 brevi sonate for cembalo
7 harpsichord sonatas
2 Allegros

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