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Johann Gottlieb Naumann (1741-1801)
« on: August 30, 2015, 03:18:48 AM »
Born in Dresden, died in Dresden, as German a composer as they come.   :) 
Journeyed to Italy in 1757, where Tartini took an interest in him. Made his debut in Venice in 1762 as an opera composer.
In 1764 he was engaged as second church composer at the Dresden court, later promoted to church and chamber composer (1765) and then to Kapellmeister (1776).  His operas continued to be successful, and one was produced by Haydn in Eszterháza in 1780. Naumann was appointed to reform the Stockholm Hovkapell in 1777. A very prolific composer, his early instrumental music is in the style of Tartini, but later he was influenced by the Viennese Classical style (for example, in the keyboard concerto) and early Romanticism.

Chamber music
6 quartets for harpsichord/pianoforte, flute, violin & b-c
6 duo faciles
Sonatina for harpsichord, oboe, bassoon
2 trios for 2 violins & viola
Airs françois for guitar & pianoforte
6 sonatas for keyboard & violin

Keyboard pieces
12 sonatas for glass harmonica/pianoforte
Concerto for 2 harpsichords
6 sonatas for pianoforte

Orchestral works
Concerto for harpsichord/pianoforte
12 symphonies
Overtures to the operas

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