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What are you playing?

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So, what are you playing?

I'm into Chopin's Songs right now. Which is not very good, considering the fact that I can hardly sing... ;D But at least they're easy enough, so singing and playing at the same time actually is an option...


Just finished the first movement of the Haydn sonata I mentioned in the old GMG. But I don't want (dare) to step forward, and will try to polish this one before getting into the slow mov.

Today I'm back to piano lessons at the conservatoire, so there are new works coming (unfortunately, my horizon looks also full of technical demands and etudes also).

Joe Barron:
Right now I'm into Debussy's Sunken Cathedral, which I don't think I may ever learn to play well, and the three excerpts from Our Town by Copland, which I've liekd, in the orchestral version, since I was a kid. The music is deceptively simple. It's not really hard to play, but the textures are very open, and any little mistake is magnified threefold.


--- Quote from: Joe Barron on April 13, 2007, 09:06:16 AM ---Debussy's Sunken Cathedral

--- End quote ---

I could never get to play that properly. It's probably not beyond me but, as a pure hobbyist, I get distracted very quickly, so anything that demands a bit of practice is quickly forgotten. ;)

Poulenc's Mouvements perpetuels


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