RIP Lis Shiveley (Uffeviking)

Started by Gurn Blanston, December 12, 2015, 11:32:50 AM

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Gurn Blanston

If you have been a member here for a long time, you certainly remember one of our initial members and early moderators, Uffeviking.

Lis was as big a Wagner fan as there is, and was always delighted to share her interest with like-minded people. She was also a regular opera fan, from Monteverdi to John Adams and everyone in between. You will see her name often in the opera section, as the thread starter for 'General Opera News' and 'Opera on DVD'.

For me personally, Lis has been a very close friend for the last 12 years. We exchanged email at least twice a week in all that time. Her sharp wit and forthright views always made discussion a pleasure. In the last few years she withdrew from the public discussion arena, but right up until her passing on Friday, December 11, she was a keen observer of events, both musical and of news around the world.

Her friends include people from all over Europe and Asia as well as the USA, and we will all miss her greatly.

Rest in peace, my friend. :'(

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Sad news indeed about the passing of one of our veteran members. I was always intrigued by her forum name, to the point where I plucked up the courage to ask its origin as politely as I could. Her reply was both gracious and informative.

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Very sad to hear the news of a passing GMG member, Gurn.   :(   Rest in peace, Lis.


Sad news.  When I was devoting a lot of time to opera, she possessed a wealth of knowledge that she loved to share, and she and I exchanged some recordings.  She was a very gracious person.  She will be missed.
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Hi Gurn - thanks for the post - sad indeed to hear about the passing of Lis - although I was virtually never in the opera forum, we did exchange some posts elsewhere and always enjoyed.  Dave  :(


Very sad news. And like Todd (and no doubt others), she sent me several recordings - completely unsolicited, she just thought I'd like them. I was always impressed with her knowledge, and her vivacious (in her 80s and 90s!) spirit. My only regret is that we never met in person.


Dancing Divertimentian

This is very sad news, indeed. Lis was one of the very first forumites I got to know through PM's back in the day. It was always a great pleasure reading her musings on the opera comings-and-goings. Her insight was impressive. Her "Wagner Fever" will be missed!

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One of the members I really would love to have met. She sent me a couple of recordings as well.  I treasure them very much, especially the little known opera The Bear which she sent me when she heard that Kimi's nick name was Baby Bear (and me and my wife Papa Bear and Mommy Bear). That was a very special touch indeed!

She will be missed.
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Interesting: I had done a search on something a few days ago here at GMG, and came across a page from a few years  ago with comments by Uffeviking, and wondered what had happened.

So, yes, many prayers for her and her family!
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Lis had been a good friend right since I joined the group of moderators and we kept in touch after she withdrew from the action. As others have attested, she was warmhearted and generous. Even in her final years she was making new friends across the world; one in particular, a Chinese musician, who I hope has the news and is not left in doubt.

She had a very lively mind and a strong personality. There were many, many amusing tales of her experiences of employing gardeners and handymen and cleaners for help in her late years. One cherished gardener was hauled off and imprisoned as a drug dealer, Lis promptly replaced him with his brother, whom she was sure had not been involved.

A lovely friend I will miss her.

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Sad to hear of the loss of someone who has meant much to the forum and to many of its members.
Lis was one of the moderators when I was invited to join their forces, many years ago.
She withdrew as a moderator soon after, so unfortunately we never got to know each very well.

My heart goes out to her family and friends, including those here at the forum.


Karl Henning

Sorry to learn that such a good heart has been stilled.
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Yes I remember Lis well, and although we never met in person, I admired her knowledge, and enthusiasm. A great loss, and I mourn her deeply. May she be happy wherever she is now. O, dear. :(
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Quote from: karlhenning on December 14, 2015, 04:52:42 AM
Sorry to learn that such a good heart has been stilled.
Sorry to hear this sad news.
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I'm very sad to learn of her passing. Lis sent me dozens of discs of live recordings by Celibidache, whom she revered as a conductor. Her advocacy was made up of genuine insight, knowledge and, most of all, a deeply felt personal understanding of music. An indomitable spirit.




Her wit and wisdom will surely be missed.  :'( Walk in beauty, friend.
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Lis was a treasure. She was the only 80+ year old I know who could master the technicalities of the internet, especially the moderating of this forum. And not just the technicalities, but the human and fair-mindedness of being a great moderator. Her signature was "Kindlein liebet einander!" - "Children, love one another!".

And here is a sample of how she admonished a wayward member (from 2006!):
QuoteYou should by now know that GMG is a forum for discussions of classical music, not a place to display your uncivilised, uncultured gutter language. Take it where you picked it up: In the gutter, but keep it out of here!
I thank you, politely!

Years ago, when we moved to Vancouver for a few years, she invited me to her home in NY (Vancouver being closer than Canberra), and I am sorry I could never take her up on her offer. She was a true lady. Sadly missed.