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Thought it might be nice to have a few of these for us to refer to.  Most resources are never complete, but with everyone chipping in when they come across one, we should be able to build a decent reference library.  Here is a beauty:

The "disco" in the thread refers to discography.  Neat, clean and ready to blow your mind on some of your favorite jazz musicians.  Even lists session notes.  If you click on a particular musician, above you will find an option to look few things.  For example, I clicked on Miles and got these options:

Miles Davis [Miles Dewey Davis III] (b Alton, IL, May 26, 1926; d Santa Monica, CA, September 28, 1991; aged 65) trumpet, leader.

List of Albums/Singles by Record Number:
Miles Davis Catalog - album index

List of Sessions by Recording Location & Date:
Miles Davis Discography - session index

That looks like a great resource; thank you for sharing it. I am not well versed in jazz but I will forward it to a friend of mine who should find it very interesting.

king ubu:
jazzdisco is indeed a handy resource, but mostly it just copies "known" sources (such as Tom Lord's discography, which again seems to be based on the older Bruyninckx discography ... these aren't free sources).

The discographies here on the other hand are way more complete (but cover less musicians), but then they get clogged up to a ridiculous level by including all euro PD releases and even MP3 editions:
Also check out the "leader entries" - straight link here:

Then there's this site with a few more, very thorough discographies:

Also, this site is pretty good for organ jazz/soul jazz mainly, but for other things as well:

Excellent, KU.  When we get enough sources, we should create a page with short descriptions.

king ubu:
yeah ... I should have at least added the names: is Michael Fitzgerald's brainchild, he's had lots of helping hands, there's also a label listing hidden there:
which links, on top, to the both sides now project, which isn't jazz-focused but provides a huge amount of information about plenty of labels:

The attictoys site is from Noal Cohen, who also published a book about Gigi Gryce (a quite wonderful yet unsung musician - check out for instance his three Prestige albums with Richard Williams on trumpet - once named his favourite trumpet player by no less than Charles Mingus!)

Also, this site here, Red Saunders Research Foundation, focusing on Chicago's post-WWII jazz scene is pretty amazing:
each of the "chapters" there opens up to a dedicated site with most thorough documentation

One more, by Jan Evensmo: solographies of many famous and obscure musicians ... Evensmo is pretty opinionated, but obviously there's lots of work put in there and lots of interesting stuff to read:


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