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Trazom H Cab:
If you have an android or Smartphone, you can download an app called "Jazz Radio" which gives you a bunch of channels of all kinds of jazz--big band, be-bop, hard bop, cool jazz, bossa nova, swing, fusion, trumpet jazz, piano jazz, vocal jazz, guitar jazz, sax jazz, etc. I'm a bassist so I listen to the bass jazz channel.  Every bassist you an think of.  I've listened to the other channels and they're all really good.  A tremendous resource of jazz recordings.

The drawback is that they play commercials about every 10 minutes and the commercials will just cut in no matter what's playing and it's always the same commercials.  But for $8 a month, the commercials go away and the sound resolution is bumped up a notch.  You can pay by the year or by the month.  You can have the cost added to your phone bill and take care of it every time you pay for your phone.  It's not much money so I took it.  All the channels will be cleared of commercials so you can listen to any channel commercial-free.  It's 24/7, no dj.  The display tells you the featured artist and song. 

I listen to it at work with earbuds and at home. I plug it into my stereo system or into the computer speakers I keep on my nightstand and listen all night long.  I'd like to make digital recordings of these channels.  Just an hour of the bass jazz channel is like listening to a great bass compilation CD.  And you hear stuff you'd never hear otherwise. And it never stops.

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