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--- Quote from: Mandryka on September 23, 2020, 12:21:12 PM ---Listening to some Enno Poppe I thought to myself that this music sounds like no one else I know. So I looked at his wiki page and it turns out that one of his teachers was Friedrich Goldmann. Fortunately Friedrich Goldmann has some CDs on Spotify, at first listen this one is  interesting, I mean, it has a personality.

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I like this duo for cello and violin


--- Quote from: mabuse on June 15, 2021, 10:55:33 AM ---It should also be taken into consideration that Western composers drew a lot of inspiration from Asian cultures: what you call "German values" are perhaps ultimately Japanese as well !   :D

Personally, I am thinking in particular of the case of Helmut Lachenmann who drew a lot of inspiration from Japanese tradition and philosophy ...
His closeness to pianist Yukiko Sugawara has certainly not been negligible in his work either.

But I think we can still find a lot of other examples like this ...

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This comment prompted me to look for Yukiko Sugawara’s recordings, and one of them, the one in the picture, is by a composer who I hadn’t heard of before. Hans Thomalla was born in Germany but has lives in the States, after studying worn Ferneyhough - the lyricism of his bagatelles makes me think slightly of Walter Zimmermann. I like it very much.


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