Author Topic: What is your great favorites album you listen religiously  (Read 48 times)

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What is your great favorites album you listen religiously
« on: March 01, 2021, 05:06:06 PM »
Did someone said Jachet De Mantoue aka Jacquet of Mantua, hailing from Britan, norden franken, great place for renaissance, great music, timeless moments... (Ensemble Jachet de Mantoue)

We had Cr√©cquillon and  De mantua and lots more. (Brabant Ensemble)

Gombert ''a la coronation'' this is simply impressive , solid, monolithic in genius, all the ''hit are there. On some obscur label Bongiovanni.

What about otther stuff I spin a lot Robert White Lamentanion of Jeremiah, but heck it'S  The Clercks of Ockenford ensemble.

Ockeghem '' Missa Caput + motets Chansons'' and it's fabulous LP on Lirycord, Alejandro Planchart you don't wont to miss that.

Goudimel, Erato Release Le bien je j'ai missa, wwoaw amd plsams, major, does not get better than this.

R.D.A  Germany Aeterna label had a tremendously good, I cannot remenber title in German Minnsinger (singer poet, troubadour) something from 1960''.

Sigismondo D'india The fives centuries ensemble 1978 you don't know how good this album on Italiano Label , Italy import, written all in Italian. is outstanding effort done whit grace and refinement, classy music.
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