Author Topic: What concerts are you looking forward to? (Part II)  (Read 774559 times)

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Re: What concerts are you looking forward to? (Part II)
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On a side note, perhaps it was mentioned on the site already, but the SA Symphony dissolved in June but fortunately was reborn in August as the SA Philharmonic. My brother played with them for a year some 15+ years ago, so it was sad to see them end, but here's hoping for a brighter future!
Yeah! My parents live there and they kept me updated. The ownership closed the orchestra because they were displeased with the negotiation with the musicians' union and declared the orchestra no longer viable. The new group is a musician-led cooperative - power to the workers, they are calling ownership's bluff - but they lost use of the fabulous new concert hall so they are making use of various local churches.

By the way, loved reading your report about the NSO concert and audience applause. Agree with you. It's a sign of new people and new generations coming into the concert hall atmosphere, which we badly need. And sometimes you just need to clap!

And of course the "no applause" rule is a relatively recent invention of the late romantic era. In Beethoven's time the orchestra would even encore movements before moving on to the next in a case like the first movement of a super virtuosic concerto, or "Mars," telling people not to clap is like a schoolteacher telling kids not to end sentences with prepositions.  ;D

There are definitely regional differences too. The year I lived in London I went to like 100 concerts and never saw one single standing ovation for anyone!