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Clement Harris (1871-1897) - English composer turned mercenary ...
« on: September 16, 2016, 02:50:12 AM »
Well, he volunteered, actually, to fight in the Greek war of independence against the Ottomans in the late 19th century.
An associate of both Oscar Wilde, and Richard Wagner.

I've heard a few chamber pieces, but am trying to have a decent listen to his Paradise Lost (c. 1902) symphonic poem.

Paradise Lost, sym. poem, after J. Milton, 1895 (Mainz, 1902);
Festival March (London, 1896)

Chamber Music / Piano Music:
Romance, vn, pf, 1893–4 (Mainz, 1902);
4 études de concert, pf (Mainz, 1893–7):
Le printemps, L’été, L’automne, L’hiver;
2 Studies, pf (London, 1897): Il penseroso, L’allegro;
Romance, cl, vc, pf (Mainz, 1902);
Ballade, f, pf
For 1v, pf:
Six Songs, 1893–6 (London, after 1897): Faith (V. Galway), Forget me not, Absence, The Return, Hope, The Vision (text of nos.2–6 by Harris);
Songs of the Sea (A. Herbert) (Mainz, 1902): Yes I shall go, A grace, to-night

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