Mozart PCs, Beethoven SQs, and Brahms Symphonies

Started by Jay F, November 27, 2016, 12:27:16 PM

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Jay F

Three box sets:

Mozart Piano Concertos 5-27. Brendel-Marriner-ASMF. Played once. German edition box set. AMSI remastering. $16 plus shipping.  SOLD

Beethoven String Quartets. Emerson String Quartet. Original box set. Good condition. The box itself shows a lot of shelfwear. It's how they were made. Most end up this way. Disc 4 has a couple of light scratches. Most discs look untouched, unplayed. The jewel cases have some scuffs. $25 plus shipping.

Brahms Symphonies. Abbado. Current issue box set. I've only played the discs once. Everything looks perfect. $12 plus shipping.

One single CD: Mozart Piano Concertos 22 & 23. Hogwood/Levin. Opened, played once. Looks brand new. $15 plus shipping.

Please PM me if interested.