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How to embed Flash Video (like Youtube videos)

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Dungeon Master:
I have enabled the embedding of flash files within forum posts.

For those of you that like YouTube vids, this will enable you to add the video directly to the post, rather than just the link.

Here is a preview of what I mean:

The technique and formating is as follows:
Press the Flash icon on the post page.
That will produce the following tags:

--- Code: ---[flash=200,200][/flash]
--- End code ---

By default, it sizes to 200x200 pixels
Replace the 200,200 to YouTube's 425,350
Then insert the YouTube URL (not the embed code)between the tags;

Final format for the above result:

--- Code: ---[flash=425,350][/flash]
--- End code ---

This may become so popular that I may create a new forum sub-board to accomodate and collect great performances.

What do you think?

Love this idea, Rob. Very handy - saves clicking away. :)

Fantastic! :D Marvelous! :) Great! 8) Thanks so much, Rob! ;D


--- Quote from: admin on August 13, 2007, 06:03:08 PM ---

What do you think?

--- End quote ---

I really don't mind clicking and I am not interested in learning a new format, but I think your choice in performance for an example is superb!  :)

though i don't know if there's actually enough videos for another subforum... i think the thread we have now is just fine


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