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Dungeon Master:
This is a sub-board to showcase great recordings and performances found on YouTube or similar video sharing sites. There is a wealth of treasures out there, simply waiting to be unearthed. This board aims to be an ongoing collection of such performances.

I suggest that we create a new post on this board for each video or set of related videos, with discussion to follow.

You can insert the video directly into the posts, but please observe the formatting and copy it exactly, or else the video will not show up.

Here is a preview of what I mean:
A Young Shostakovich performing Op.35

The technique and formating is as follows:
Press the Flash icon on the post page.
That will produce the following tags:

--- Code: ---[flash=200,200][/flash]
--- End code ---

By default, it sizes to 200x200 pixels
Replace the 200,200 to YouTube's 425,350

Each YouTube video has a unique identifier - it is the code found in the URL after the "v="
Insert the URL between the flash tags, adding the unique YouTube identifier at the end.

Final format for the above result:

--- Code: --- [flash=425,350][/flash]
--- End code ---

You can simply cut and paste the above code and replace the unique YouTube identifier at the end with your own.


Thanks for starting this one, Rob. Looking forward to it all! :D 0:)

you know, i think this'll work.....
a thread could be started for any single video (or group of videos) and the replies would sorta be like how it looks on youtube. Having a single thread for all the videos might not be as good because it would be hard to find them, plus there might be too many videos on a single page.

You can play with colour and height by adding something like this?

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

Or not?

of course, with HTML5 ... all gone


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