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Here is a new selection of my compositions (2-13-18) I continue to update them weekly. All have been composed in the past three years; some are lyrical and tonally oriented while others are more challenging.

Revising the interlude for the Sinfonia:

Piano-wind quartet 1st piece:

Finished on 2/4/18:
This is a work for 4 players that is quiet and calm in the Feldman/Webern sense (mostly ;))



k a rl h e nn i ng:
I’ll check these out when not at the office (tech nannydom blocks SoundCloud).

Some interesting harmonies and rhythms. I rather enjoyed the "La La Land" piece in particular, but at a glance there is consistency among your uploaded works. If there is an issue for me, it's that MIDI mock-ups made based on performing scores don't tend to make for convincing accounts. I would consider giving these a little fine detail work, but I don't know how flexible scorewriters are in terms of letting you go beyond the score and into the numbers actually controlling everything (i.e.: into all the decisions which, in a performance, would be made reflexively by the performer). If your software allows you to change note parameters and tempi on a granular level it's definitely worth taking a little time to fine tune the rendering, especially if it will be your main means of representing your work in audio form until recordings are are available. Please do not take this as a criticism of the compositions themselves, it's just something I tend to notice when confronted with this particular application of MIDI, that's all.

Lastly, congratulations on the upcoming performances, and best of luck in your future efforts.

Thanks for the reply. As far as tempi and dynamics, my choices are limited in playback. But most of my music is not as full of markings as works of  a lot of modern composers. But your point is well-taken, and I'll see what I can add for the playback when I'm back home.

Wow! I just listened to the piano moods and La-La land piece. Those piano works are great little miniatures; your harmonic shifts and lyrical passages are moving. Are you a jazz player? I didn't have time to listen to the last chamber pieces but look forward to listening to them. I like new music that still has a tonal sound at times. I hope to hear a recording of a good player on the piano work.


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