Author Topic: The Maximilian Steinberg (1883-1946) thread.  (Read 4048 times)

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Re: The Maximilian Steinberg (1883-1946) thread.
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Hooray! I knew that you'd like it Cesar. Now, following your recommendation, I'll have to track down Symphony 1, especially if it's like Glazunov's 8th Symphony - which is one of my favourites.  :)

I felt that link between both works in terms of orchestration and late-Romantic flavour, though the MS's 2nd would be more accurate to compare with the Glazunov. Anyway, the 1st Sym. by Steinberg is wonderful indeed!

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Re: The Maximilian Steinberg (1883-1946) thread.
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Here's a picture of Steinberg (standing) with his wife and father in law, Rimsky Korsakov (long beard) and Stravinsky:
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