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Dungeon Master:
You can now embed MP3 files directly into your posts on GMG. The actual file needs to be already hosted somewhere on the internet.

Simply click on the MP3 icon in the posting page (looks like this ) and insert the URL of the MP3 files between the tags.

This it how it looks (click on the Play button to play):

Note that GMG will not be hosting these files - they need to be already located somewhere on the internet. By embedding them here, we are essentially linking to them, but playing them within the GMG framework.

As for the embedded YouTube links, the MP3 player is Flash based, so you will need Adobe's Shockwave Flashplayer installed in your browser.


GREAT!  Many thanks, Rob! :)


Great! 8)

Rob, you continue to be Da Man!  :)

A great step forward. Thanks. :)


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