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The version of the 1812 I got to know (on Melodiya Eurodisc LP) was a "Soviet" one that replaced the tsarist hymn at the end with another patriotic (still not soviet but apparently deemed more innocuous) tune. Over 30 years later, the standard version still sounds a bit wrong to me (not that I listen to the piece more than once in a blue moon).


--- Quote from: LKB on April 27, 2022, 06:24:14 AM ---Solid list, my compliments.  ;)

For what it's worth, Overture 1812 was my father's choice to indoctrinate my brother and l into the world of orchestral music, upon the reasonable premise that most young boys like it when things explode.  :laugh:

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My sister bought it as an extended play when she was sixteen (and I was eight) so I got to know it then - and the bells and the cannon were exciting to me too!


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