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Piano sonata in c# minor
« on: September 04, 2017, 11:07:26 AM »

A few months ago, I posted my first three completed works, a trio of piano sonatas.  I have returned with a new piano sonata. 

Of my four sonatas, I think this is my strongest effort so far, but I realize I still have a very long way to go before I can consider myself a halfway decent composer.

In the meantime, I greatly appreciate any feedback you might have for me, positive or negative, whether general comments about whether or not the music is interesting, or more technical comments about the chord structure, counterpoint, motivic development, etc...

A few notes:

- There will be numerous errors in the sheet music presentation.  Since this music is written for Finale's playback feature (and not for an actual person to ever perform), I don't particularly care at this point.

- The first movement is in sonata form.

- The second movement is in ternary form.

- The third movement is in rondo form (ABACABA)

- The fourth movement is in sonata form (includes an expositional repeat)

- As a newbie to composing music, I find myself writing in a formal and harmonic style most influenced by 19th century composers.  Over time, my style will evolve into something more personal and idiosyncratic.  For a whole discussion about this, see my previous thread:,27144.0.html

First movement:

Second movement:

Third movement:

Fourth movement:

And for those who might feel they would benefit from seeing my messy sheet music:

Thanks for any feedback!