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Avant Garde Project torrent 56 is up and running


AGP56 is the second AGP installment featuring works by John Cage (following AGP18). The four Cage compositions are taken from four different LPs, and exhaust the out-of-print works by Cage that I could find in my stacks. While other recordings of Variations I and III are available, these works allow for a level of indeterminacy that makes every performance unique, even as regards the instrumentation.

Variations III is performed by the New Music Ensemble of the San Francisco Conservatory. Variations I is performed by Gerd Zacher on organ. Solos for Voice 2 is performed by The Brandeis University Chamber Chorus. Aria with Fontana Mix is sung by Cathy Berberian accompanied by magnetic tape. To fill out the torrent, I have included the other three tracks from the LP that Variations III appears on--a Wergo LP featuring performances by the New Music Ensemble.

Check it out at:


Yay, thanks a lot once again !  8)

As usual: thank you! :D 8)


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