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Ruth Gipps (1921-99)

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I've just got to buy this one for the above reasons and such a lovely photo of the composer on the front! The customer reviews on Amazon and MusicWeb are all very encouraging. Also another female composer in my collection. Not many,I'm afraid! I rate Grace Williams and Louise Farrenc very highly,though! I've got some Amy Beach and Hildegarde of Bingen on cassette tape. A cd-r of Ethel Smyth and Morfydd Owen! Oh,and Dana Suesse,who I do like. I wish Chandos would do a cd of her! But first things first!

Grazyna Bacewicz is very good too,I seem to remember?! I had some off air tapes of symphonies.

Just placed my order with MDT! :)


--- Quote from: cilgwyn on July 23, 2018, 09:30:32 AM ---Just placed my order with MDT! :)

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I'll look forward to discussing the release with you. The photo on the front is very nice and Ruth Gipps sounds like a rather endearing personality with her penchant for sports cars. I have a feeling that, in my youth, I saw her conduct one of her works in London but might have got this wrong. Another work by a female composer which I strongly admire is the Symphony by Nina Makarova who was married to Khachaturian. Well worth looking out for. I have it on a Russian Disc CD but these are often prohibitively expensive. It is, however,mon You Tube as well. I think highly of Grace Williams as well, especially her turbulent Symphony 2. Recently I had a nice exchange with Judith Bailey a living British composer whose music I enjoyed ( it featured on a CD called 'Havas' with music by George Lloyd). She sent me a freebie CD if her chamber music which I thought excellent.

How is her style? I'm reading this thread and I'm curious now.

Excellent news about the forthcoming Chandos CD, however I can't say her Symphony no. 2 (the only work of hers that I've heard) impressed me too much. There are some nice parts, but I felt that it fails to cohere as a whole.


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