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Re: Underrated operas
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I ask, underrated by who and where? Some of these seem very well establised indeed. Pelleas, Boccenegra, Bluebeard. Others are very well appreciated in specific places. The Rimsky operas are often performed in Russia. In other parts of the world, I agree, they need more exposure. The Puccini and Cellini also do get regular performances.

Thais for example, has simply gone out of fashion. Having seen it, I am not surprised. The middle act is very good though.

The Sibelius is a Finnish opera, not Swedish. Sibelius was of Western Finnish stock, more dominated by Swedish culture than Eastern Finland. Swedish was his first language, but he considered himself very much a Finn. He was deeply involved with the Finnish Romantic movement, which was engaged in exploring a Finnish identity for its new nation as it emerged from the Swedish influences.

Of these three:

Weber: Euryanthe
Schumann: Genoveva
Wagner: Rienzi

i don't think I ever saw any major opera house stage Euryanthe, occasionally you see Oberon, which as silly as it is, seems lightyears ahead in terms of plot to Euryanthe. Occasionally you will see Genoveva, if only for reasons of historical interest more than anything really interesting. Rienzi is just a lot of hot air - the overture is awesome and some occasional good ensemble writing but overall pretty weak, by Wagner's lofty standards that is anyway.

There is no way Bluebeard's Castle is UNDERRATED as in seems to be a cornerstone of many opera houses, even considering it's rather unfamiliar language.