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Tim Horton's to be sold to McDonalds

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XB-70 Valkyrie:
Just heard, McDonalds offered $250,000 U.S. ($5,000,000,000,000 CDN) for the entire chain. All Tim Horton's locations will either be converted to McDonald's restaurants or sold off by 2008.  A Tim Horton's executive who wishes to remain anonymous, said, "Well at least now if you're going to get cancer, heart disease, and diabetes you can do so while eating something that tastes at least halfway good, instead of the tastless blobs of crud we sold under the Tim Horton's name!" Another executive was quoted as saying, "With my 54 billion dollar golden parachute deal, I will be able to afford a one bedroom condo in Vancouver!"

ANYWAY, where do you Canadians buy music online? Do you get charged import duties when ordering stuff from Amazon.COM?

So does this only apply to Canadia?  We have Tim Horton's down here, but they are usually connected to Wendy's.  We had a joke in high school about Tim Horton's being inside Wendy's...


Don't ever ever do that again!


Never heard of Tim Horton's chain of whatevers.  You know the old saying - If it ain't in New Mexico, it ain't worth anything.

XB-70 Valkyrie:
Just trying to get the attention of Canadians on this board so maybe one of them will answer my question about where they shop online for music!  >:D

BTW, did you hear that the NDP are proposing a new TAX on the viewing of hockey games at home or in pubs???


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